Rushed Lindenberg Vaccine Develops New Coronavirus Strain ; Deemed "Covid-20" or "Covid-X" by WHO

Information released 12:00 AM EST 6/20/2020 has now brought new Coronavirus strain to light. 40 people were rushed to Lindenberg Emergency Rooms 6/15/2020 around 6:00 AM. 20 had the Coronavirus, Covid-19, while 20 did not. All were given a vaccine that had been in the works for 30 days. This vaccine was given to all 40 patients, while the 20 with Covid-19 were all put at-risk instantly. 14 of those with the virus died within 3 hours, while the other 6 were vomiting blood, and were shown to have popping blood vessels and blackened limbs. These Plague-like symptoms are so far unable to be cured. All 20 patients without the virus did not have many similar symptoms, but all - perhaps incidentally - suffocated and were unable to breathe until death. Doctors were unable to save them.

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