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Creator monetization:

1. Requirements

For content creators to cash out their earnings they must have: The Forumer Badge A paypal account And the Expert Content creator badge

2. Subscriber Coins

Subscriber coins are items that you can buy on our online store allowing you to donate directly to a content creator of your choice. After this content creator receives one subscriber they will be able to make a list of perks their subscribers will get.

(To cash these out please message an admin on the site.)

3. Favorites / views

As most of you know you can favorite your favorite content creators videos. By doing this you will support them. For every 3 views and 1 like a user receives they will get 1 cent.

Once you reach the expert content creator badge you will be able to cash out one dollar.

4. Minimums

All users that cash out must cash out at least 1 dollar USD. If you attempt to cash anything else out you will not get any money.

5. How to cash out

A member of staff will reach out to you once you are able to cash the money you've made out! If you are curious how much you have afterwords just message a staff member and they will tell you.

(Please not this, it can take time, as we're just human.)

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